Proof of Occupancy

For us to proceed with your application we would require you to provide us proof that you live at your service address. This is to verify and match you as a new tenant or owner of the premises

Why do I need to show proof of occupancy?

As the previous occupant at this address has not arranged for the disconnection of their phone service, we need ‘Proof of Occupancy’ (i.e. proof that you live at your address) to allow us to place a request to NBN Co to disconnect the prior occupants service so we can connect the nbn™ service in your name.

For you to take ownership of the line and allow your nbn™ connection to proceed, we must sight a Proof of Occupancy document to confirm your residence and provide this to the NBN Co. This authorises us to disconnect the existing service and connect the nbn™ service in your name.

What Proof of Occupancy documents can I provide?

An nbn™ accepted Proof of Occupancy document can include any one of these:

  • a Rental agreement signed by all parties.
  • Lease agreement.
  • Contract of sale.
  • a Utility bill displaying the service address (must match the address we are connecting).
  • Rates notice.
  • Insurance document relating to address (content insurance/ business insurance).
  • Letter of confirmation from the nursing home (on appropriate letterhead).

Please send through pages which include all the following:

  • Full name.
  • Service Address.
  • Lease/ rental commencement date or settlement.
Where do I send the proof of occupancy documentation?

Once you have a scanned copy of the accepted document you can email it to

To assist us to process your order quickly, please follow the template:

Email Subject: NBN Proof of Occupancy

Body of Email: Name, Address, Attach accepted document.

*Please Note if your name is different to your account details, please include a statutory declaration to explain the difference with supporting information such as Drivers Licence or Marriage Certificate. A statutory declaration must be signed by an appropriate witness e.g. a Justice of the Peace, police officer, chemist, or medical practitioner.

When will my service be connected?

Once the documents have been received and sent to NBN Co it normally takes 5 to 7 business days to be validated and to disconnect the prior occupants service.

*Please note that if your Proof of Occupancy documents have not been received within 14 business days of the Requested Connection Date, your order may be withdrawn.