Grandstream Voicemails Guide

On the Grandstream desk phone the “Message Waiting Indicator” will flash which means you have voicemails.


Press the “Message” button and Follow the voice prompts.

This will be the voice prompt options if you have a new voicemail:

You have one new message

Press 1 For New Message/s

Press 2 to Change Folders

Press 3 For Advanced Option

Press 0 For Mailbox Options

Press * (star) for Help

Press # (Pound) to Exit or End Call


Once you listened to you voicemail this will be the voice prompt options:

Press 3 For Advanced Options

Press 5 to Repeat Current Message

Press 6 to Play the Next Message

Press 7 to Delete This Message

Press 8 to Forward the message to Another User

Press 9 to Save This Message

Press *(Star) For Help

Press #(Pound) to Exit or End Call