Drop Fault

To report a fault we need some information about your the devices, especially your modem and your nbn™ connection box. The nbn™ connection box only applies if you have FTTP, HFC and FTTC. This will help our support team in the troubleshooting process.

NTD (nbn™ connection box)

NTD (nbn™ connection box) Serial number?

NTD (nbn™ connection box) Power Cycled?

NTD (nbn™ connection box) LED Light Status

It is important to know the status of the LED lights on the nbn™ connection box and what UNI-D port you are using. The nbn™ connection box can be found inside your home or outside.

Status of LED Lights

LED light status: Flashing/Solid/On/Off

Colour status: Off/Amber/Green/Red

NTD Port: 1/2/3/4

LED Lights

Power Light



NTD Port


Power Light: Flashing Green

NTD Port: 1 Amber


What is the brand and model of your modem?

What is the MAC address of your modem?

Have you power cycled your modem ?

Which UNI-D port are your modem connected to?

Your Service

Has your service dropped more than 5 times in the last 24 hours?

Do the lights on the NTD (nbn™ connnection box) change when the service drops?

Have you tried another ethernet cable from LAN4/WAN to the UNI-D port?


Please provide our support team with the information if you are experiencing dropouts or an intermittent connection. You can provide the information to support@fibremax.com.au