Speed Issues

To report a fault we need some information about your the devices, especially your modem and your nbn™ connection box. The nbn™ connection box only applies if you have FTTP, HFC and FTTC. This will help our support team in the troubleshooting process.

NTD (nbn™ connection box)

NTD (nbn™ connection box) Serial Number?

NTD (nbn™ connection box) Type?

NTD Power Cycled?


Type: CM820 D3.0

NTD (nbn™ connection box) LED Light Status

It is important to know the status of the LED lights on the nbn™ connection box and what UNI-D port you are using

Status of LED Lights

Status: Off/Green

LED Lights

Power Light

Downstream Light

Upstream Light

Online/Optical Light

Link Light


Power Light: Green


What is the brand and model of your modem?

What is the MAC address of your modem?

Have you power cycled your modem?

Your Service

Please complete a speed test within 24 hours of the ticket.

When your speed test is completed please, copy the the result in the URL.

Is your service affected at certain times of day?

If so when is the service affected?


Please provide our support team with the information if you are experiencing speed or latency issues. You can provide the information to support@fibremax.com.au