Install FibreMAX®fone powered by Cloud Softphone – Android

Step 1

Open Google Play Store and install the Cloud Softphone.

Download from the Play Store

Step 2

Open the Cloud Softphone app.

Step 3

Tap “Scan QR” to scan the QR code provided by FibreMAX®fone

Step 4

“Allow Cloud Softphone to take pictures and record video”

Tap on “Allow

Proceed by Scanning the QR code

Step 5

Read the terms of Use and Tap “AGREE

Step 6

Microphone permission


Step 7

“Allow Cloud Softphone to record audio”

Tap “Allow

Step 8

Phone permission


Step 9

“Allow Cloud Softphone to make and manage phone calls”

Tap “Allow

Step 10

Contact permission


Step 11

“Allow Cloud Softphone to access your contacts”

Tap “Allow

Step 12