Direct Debit Authorisation

MAXOTECH PTY LTD t/a FibreMax (ABN 20159147430)

Direct Debit Authorisation 

By clicking Yes, you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of MAXOTECH PTY LTD t/a FibreMax (ABN 20159147430) herein referred to as “FibreMax®”. 

I/we authorize Ezidebit, acting on behalf of FibreMax, to debit payments from my specified Credit Card provided online, and I/we acknowledge that “Ezidebit or FibreMax” will appear as the merchant on my credit card statement.

I/we authorize Ezidebit Pty Ltd CAN 096902813 to debit my/our account at the Financial Institution as provided online through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) in accordance with this Direct Debit Authorisation and as per the Ezidebit DDR Service Agreement (Ver 1.9) below.

I/we acknowledge that Regular Monthly Debit Amount including payment details and associated fees/charges as indicated in my Services Schedule and/or the total amount billed for the specified period for this and other subsequent agreements or amendments between me/us and FibreMax® and/or Ezidebit.

Fee Schedule:

flexiMAX 25-100Mbps               $10 monthly*

*Charged at $10 per month if used (unlimited used thereafter)

Additional costs^

The following additional cost may apply:

Transfer (churn) fee $16.50

New Development fee $300

Additional installations $300

Incorrect fault raised to the Carrier# $199

(#No fault on Carrier’s network)

Late cancellation or Missed appointment $ 99

Order withdrawal $ 99

^NBN Co may impose other charges on FibreMax® not listed above pursuant to the NBN Co Wholesale Broadband Agreement. Where FibreMax® incurs those charges as a result of the services provided to you, we may pass through those charges and bill them to you. 

Debit order fees()

Once-off administration fee $5.50

Bank account transaction fee $0.99

Credit Card surcharge 2%

Failed Payment fee $14.80

()In addition to your monthly access fees by FibreMax®

All prices are inclusive of GST and charged in advanced.

Minimum fees apply to all Service Schedules and pro-rata fees may apply.

New Development fees only apply to the first NBN connection at premises in a newly developed area.

This authorization is to remain in force in accordance with the terms and conditions on this Direct Debit Authorisation, the provided Ezidebit DDR Service Agreement (Ver 1.9). I/we have read and understand the same. I/we acknowledge that our personal information will be collected, used, held and disclosed in accordance with the Ezidebit Privacy Policy available online.

I/we acknowledge that MAXOTECH PTY LTD t/a FibreMax (ABN 20159147430) Terms, Policies & Critical Information are available online