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FibreMax® launches “Family Support nbn™”

The COVID-19 Pandemic has presented families with unprecedented challenges. One of the biggest revolves around the kid’s education. With schools closed down, reliable, affordable internet access has become an absolute necessity.

Building a New Home? Make Sure it is NBN™ Ready

Imagine the excitement of designing, building, and moving into a brand-new home, only to be left frustrated upon discovering that you don’t have access to the internet. You’ve taken care of designing the layout, the features, the details and invested so much into this project. It’s your home, and you want it to be perfect. […]

NBN™ Success Stories

As a small business today, you might need a network connection to stay connected with your customers or to stay in the loop with other stakeholders. Who knows where your business will stand tomorrow and how high will the need be to have a wider intensive technology? The nbn™ connectivity network plans help you gear […]

The NBN™ and do I have to switch?

Welcome to the 21st century! With our ever-increasing connectivity, access to the internet has become a vital part of our lives. For work, education, recreation, and social interactions, being online is now an essential part of everyday life. As technology improves, our infrastructure needs to do likewise, to support it, which is where the nbn™ […]

The NBN™ Connection and its Benefits

It is no longer a contest that the web has become a widely inclusive wonder that has spread across to pretty much every aspect of life. You would nowadays be able to start and complete numerous activities on the web extending from purchasing groceries and home appliances to playing online games or even getting clinical […]

Is NBN™ Compulsory in Australia?

The response to the question above is a “Big Yes” but then, let’s get a quick recap of what the nbn™ is. What Is NBN Co? Nbn Co is the organization behind the nbn™ network roll-out. They are responsible for delivering bulk access to Telecommunication networks and Internet service providers, selling nbn™ network products for […]

NBN™ Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been both a national, as well as a global catastrophe. Millions of lives have been affected negatively worldwide, but fortunately for us; Australia has been swift and effective in containing the spread of the virus. Since the outbreak began earlier this year, the government has taken a series of measures in […]